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  • Empty Screw Cap Spin Columns
  • Empty Screw Cap Spin Columns

Empty Screw Cap Spin Columns

biocomma® Empty Screw Cap Spin Columns are designed for small volume protein purification, which can be filled with different chromatography media such as agarose, dextran, ion exchange resin, biogel and etc. The principle is centrifugation to purify protein quickly.



Load affinity resin and other fillers into the spin column. After the filler deposit automatically, gently remove the twists off bottom and allow the excess buffer flow out. Load the sample to combine, then, centrifuge to remove unbound impurities. Finally, elute purified products.


● Columns are made of medical polypropylene with polyethylene frits, ensuring minimal protein-binding properties
● Compatible with 1.5 mL and 2.0 mL centrifuge tubes ● Capacity: 800 μL
● Resin volume: 40-400 μL
● O-ring screw top caps and twist-off bottom 13 mm 38 mm 9 mm 25 mm 18 mm 8 mm 7 mm 6 mm(twist-off tab)

Ordering Information

Cat.# Description Qty.
FC7300-1  800μL Empty Screw Cap Spin Columns, Hydrophilic   50 Pcs/Box
FC7300-2 800μLEmpty Screw Cap Spin Columns, Hydrophobic   50 Pcs/Box

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