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  • BCS901 Heat Sealer
  • BCS901 Heat Sealer

BCS901 Heat Sealer

The heat sealer adapts various plates, and easy to operate. The sealing temperature and time are adjustable. Sealed films prevent sample evaporation, leakage and cross contamination.



● Fast: adjustable sealing temperature of 80~200℃ , real-time display, rapid heating up to reach 170℃ in 300s, rapid cooling down by fan
● Suitability: adjustable sealing pressure to adapt various micro plates and sealing films
● Stable: temperature is controlled by microprocessor with good accuracy and good reproducibility
● Adjustable: temperature adjustment unit is 1℃ , and the time adjustment unit is 0.1s
● Advanced: adopt advanced ceramics platen heating technology to avoid adhesion of sealing films due to overheat
● Automated: switch to stand-by mode automatically after 60 minutes inactivity to save energy


Model BCS9601
Sealing Temperature 80~200℃(Minimum adjustableunit1.0℃)
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Temperature Uniformity ±1℃
Sealing Time 0.5~10s(Minimum adjustable unit of 0.1s)
Compatible Plate Material PP(polypropylene)/PS(polystyrene)/PE(polyethylene)
Compatible Plate Types Various standard multi-well plates:PCR plates(full skirt, half
skirt,and no skirt),deep well plates, Elisa plates,etc
Compatible Film Material Foil-polypropylene, transparent polyester fiber-polypropylene,
transparent polymer, transparent thin polymer,foil
Sealing Pressure Range Level1-5
Compatible Plate Height 9~48 mm,no adjustment needed
Front Panel Material Fireproof ABS
Heat Sealing Platform Material Ceramics
Power Supply A.C.220V/110V,50/60 Hz
Maximum Input Power 300 W
Dimension (L*W*H) 180*360*380 mm
Weight 12Kg

Ordering Information

Cat. # Description Qty.
BCS9601-E Heat Sealer 1Set/Carton
RFM02  Heat Sealing Foils, easy pierce 100 Sheets/Box

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