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  • Empty Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns
  • Empty Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns

Empty Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns

biocomma® Empty Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns are designed for fast and simple purification of antibodies, enzymes and other biomolecules using gravity flow. Researchers can pack a wide range of media to isolate and purify proteins of interest. Each empty AC column comes with one column tube, two hydrophilic frits, one upper cap and one bottom cap. The columns are made of biocompatible polypropylene that does not interact with biomolecules. The hydrophilic frits are manufactured from porous polyethylene.



● Medical-grade polypropylene tubes with Luer outlets
● Available from 1 mL to 300 mL
● Frits are optimized with good hydrophilicity and a stable flow-rate
● Upper caps are pierceable
● Easy to use with peristaltic pumps or syringes


● Purification of tagged proteins, recombinant proteins and an-tibodies
● Desalting of nucleic acids, peptides and proteins
● Detection of mycotoxins

Ordering Information

Cat.#   Description Qty.
004201   1 mL Empty AC Columns 500 Pcs/Box
004202   3 mL Empty AC Columns 100 Pcs/Box
004202-N   3 mLEmpty AC Columns, with Luer-Inlet Upper caps 100 Pcs/Box
004203   6 mL Empty AC Columns 100 Pcs/Box
004204   12 mL Empty AC Columns 100 Pcs/Box
004206   30 mL Empty AC Columns 50 Pcs/Box
004209   60 mL Empty AC Columns 25 Pcs/Box
004215   150 mL Empty AC Columns 15 Pcs/Box
004208   300 mLEmpty AC Columns 10 Pcs/Box
Note: The standard upper caps of empty AC columns are red, various colors like orange, white, blue and green are available in 1 mL and 3 mL columns.

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