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  • Vacuum Manifolds
  • Vacuum Manifolds
  • Vacuum Manifolds
  • Vacuum Manifolds

Vacuum Manifolds

The Vacuum Manifolds are specially designed for high-throughput nucleic acid purification, solid phase extraction, protein precipitation, Oligo synthesis and other applications. The manifolds are adapted to 48/96/384 well plates and Luer-inlet columns to eliminate repetition of pipetting and centrifugation in traditional nucleic acid extraction methods.



● Reliability: made of anti-corrosion and durable material
● Uniformity: the compact design ensures uniform flow rate during extraction at negative pressure
● Convenience: eliminate repeated operations of centrifugation and pipetting in traditional methods to improve efficiency


Vacuum Manifolds
Nucleic acid extraction, solid phase extraction, protein precipitation, QuEChERS, phospholipids removal, Oligo
synthesis of deprotection, ammonolysis and other processes etc.
Vacuum Manifolds
Enable filtration and extraction at same time for nucleic acid extraction, solid phase extraction, protein
precipitation, phospholipids removal, etc.
Micro-Filter Plate
Vacuum Manifolds
Protein kinase and phosphatase assays, protein purification, receptor interaction assays, protein binding assays,
ELISPOT assays, mass spectrometry, fluorescent dye removal

Ordering Information

Cat.#      Description Qty.
009803-R-E   Universal Vacuum Manifolds (rose red) 1Set/Carton
009803-B-E   Universal Vacuum Manifolds (sapphire blue) 1Set/Carton
009804-R-E   Double-Layer Vacuum Manifolds (rose red) 1Set/Carton
009804-B-E   Double-Layer Vacuum Manifolds(sapphire blue) 1Set/Carton
009807-R-E   Micro-Filter Plate Vacuum Manifolds(rose red) 1 Set/Carton
009807-B-E   Micro-Filter Plate Vacuum Manifolds(sapphire blue) 1 Set/Carton

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