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Biocomma Limited
+86 (0755)-25431879
1401~1406, Bldg. 12, Zhonghaixin Innovation Industrial Park, 12 Ganli 6th Rd., Jihua St., Longgang Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518114 P.R. China
  • Universal CPG
  • Universal CPG

Universal CPG



● The whole industry chain of naked CPG and Linker, with mature and stable technology
● Production capacity of 10 kg each batch, the most advanced platinum reaction vessel in the industry
● Better bonding processes higher purity of primer synthesis

Ordering Information

CPG Cat.# Pore Size Qty.
Universal CPG CPG500-BC 500Å 50g/Bottle
CPG1000-BC 1000Å 50g/Bottle
CPG2000-BC 2000Å 50g/Bottle
CPG3000-BC 3000Å 50g/Bottle
Amino lcaa CPG N-500-BC 500Å 50g/Bottle
N-1000-BC 1000Å 50g/Bottle
Naked CPG CPG500-N 500Å 50g/Bottle
CPG1000-N 1000Å 50g/Bottle
CPG2000-N 2000Å 50g/Bottle

Dyes & Quenchers
5'-Fluorescein Phosphoramidite(6-FAM) Qusar570 CE Phosphoramidite
5'-Hexachloro-Fluorescein Phosphoramidite (HEX) Qusar670 CE Phosphoramidite
6-Fluorescein Phosphoramidite Cy3 MMT Phosphoramidite
6-Hexachloro-Fluorescein Phosphoramidite Cy5 MMT Phosphoramidite
Cyanine 3 Phosphoramidite BHQ-1-dT Phosphoramidite
Cyanine 5 Phosphoramidite BHQ-2-dT Phosphoramidite
CAL Fluor Red 610 Phosphoramidite 3'-BHQ-1 CPG
IOE Phosphoramidite 3'-BHQ-2 CPG
VIC Phosphoramidite 3'-BHQ-3 CPG
MGB CPG.1000A  

DNA/RNA Monomers & Modifiers
CPG 1000AdA(Bz) 2'-OMe-rC(N-Ac)CE Phosphoramidite
CPG 1000AdC(Bz/Ac) 2'-0Me-rG(N-iBu)CE Phosphoramidite
CPG 1000AdG(Ib/dmf) 2'-OMe-rA(N-Bz)CE Phosphoramidite
CPG 1000A dT DMT-2'-TBDMS-A(Bz)-CE Phosphoramidite
DMT-2'-O-MOE-A(Bz)-CE Phosphoramidite DMT-2-O-TBDMS-C(Ac)-CE Phosphoramidite
5-Me-DMT-2-O-MOE-C(Bz)-CE Phosphoramidite DMT-2'-O-TBDMS-G(iBu)-CE Phosphoramidite
DMT-2-O-MOE-G(iBu)-CE Phosphoramidite DMT-2'-O-TBDMS-U-CE Phosphoramidite
DMT-2'-O-MOE-T-CE Phosphoramidite 3-Biotin CPG 1000
2'-OMe-rA(N-Bz)CE Phosphoramidite Chemical Phosphorylation Reagent
2'-OMe-Bz-rA CE Phosphoramidite 3’Amino modifier CPG


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