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G25 Desalting Purification Cartridges

Based on the principle of molecular sieves, sephadex is used as the medium to separate substances by different molecular weights.


Ordering Information:

Cat.# Description Qty
DG25003 G-25 Desalting Purification Cartridges,0.8mL/3mL 50 Pcs/PK
DG25003-1 G-25 Desalting Purification Cartridges,1.5mL/3mL 50 Pcs/PK
DG25006 G-25 Desalting Purification Cartridges,2mL/6mL 40 Pcs/PK
DG25012 G-25 Desalting Purification Cartridges,4mL/12mL 20 Pcs/PK

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