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  • Micro Centrifugal Filters
  • Micro Centrifugal Filters

Micro Centrifugal Filters



● Particularly designed for standard benchtop micro centrifuges
● Applied to concentrate biological and environmental samples for following process and analysis
● Filter bacteria, particles and cells to prepare HPLC samples, and remove DNA from agarose or acrylamide gels
● Customization

Ordering Information

Cat.#    Description     Qty
FC0015-CA-22    2.0 mL Centrifugal Filters, hydrophilic CA,0.22μm     50 Sets/PK
FC0015-PVDF-22    2.0 mL Centrifugal Filters, organic PVDF,0.22 μm     50 Sets/PK
FC015-CA-22    15mLCentrifugal Filters, hydrophilicCA,0.22μm     50 Sets/PK
FC015-PVDF-22    15mLCentrifugal Filters,organic PVDF,0.22μm     505ets/PK
FC050-CA-22    50 mLCentrifugal Filters, hydrophilicCA,0.22μm     50 Sets/PK
FC050-PVDF-22    50 mLCentrifugal Filters,organic PVDF,0.22μm     50 Sets/PK
FC0015-CA-45    2.0 mL Centrifugal Filters, hydrophilic CA,0.45μm     50 Sets/PK
FC0015-PVDF-45    2.0 mL Centrifugal Filters, organic PVDF,0.45 μm     50 Sets/PK
FC015-CA-45    15mLCentrifugal Filters, hydrophilicCA,0.45μm     505ets/PK
FC015-PVDF-45    15 mLCentrifugal Filters,organic PVDF,0.45μm     505ets/PK
FC050-CA-45    50 mLCentrifugal Filters, hydrophilicCA,0.45μm     50 Sets/PK
FC050-PVDF-45    50 mLCentrifugal Filters,organic PVDF,0.45μm     50 Sets/PK
Note: Please contact us for more specifications.

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