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GICA Optimizer

biocomma® GICA Optimizer protects antibodies, enhances colloidal stability, and extends antibody shelf life.



● Reduce matrix effects, especially matrix effects of urine sample
● Increase hydrophilicity to shorten the reaction time of antigen- antibody
● Protect antibodies, reduce shedding of labeled antibodies
● Increased accuracy of quantitative test to optimize the standard curve
● Better uniformity and between-run reproducibility

Ordering Information

Cat.# Description                                   Qty.
001000 Optimized Kit: SDS-L (20 mL), SDS-F (20g), L-90D (35g), L-30 (35g) 1 Set/Box
001011-1 SDS-L GICA Optimizer(50mL/Bottle) 4 Bottle/Box
001012-1 SDS-F GICA Optimizer(50 g/Bottle) 4 Bottle/Box
001013-1 L-90D GICA Optimizer(50 g/Bottle) 4 Bottle/Box
001014-1 L-30 GICA Optimizer(50 g/Bottle) 4 Bottle/Box

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