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  • MTB-100 Dry Block Incubator
  • MTB-100 Dry Block Incubator

MTB-100 Dry Block Incubator

The incubator is a constant temperature mixing product with fast mixing speed. The 3 functions of mixing, oscillation and incubation heating (MTB-100C has cooling function) are adapt to heat, incubate and catalyze samples in various consumables such as micro-tubes, PCR plates, deep well plates and micro-filter plates.



● Efficiency: high efficiency mixing and temperature control, 5 optional preset programs
● Safety: multiple safety protection, CE standards, reliable
● Diversity: multiple choices of sample modules, easy to replace
● Accuracy: temperature calibration and short inching vortex functions
● Timing: range of 1 min to 99 h 59 min, or continuously running
● Memory: keep running set program after power outage, beep after finished


Model MTB-100-E MTB-100C-E
Rotation Speed 300~2000 rpm 300-1500 rpm
Amplitude 3 mm(Horizontal rotation) 3 mm(Horizontal rotation)
Controlling Temperature Range RT+5~100℃ 0~100℃
Maximum Cooling Range / RT-20℃
Setting Temperature Range 5~100℃ 0-100℃
Module Temperature Stability ±0.3℃ ±0.3℃
Module Temperature Uniformity ±0.3℃ ±0.3℃
Temperature Display Accuracy 0.1℃ 0.1℃
Heating Time ≤15min(20~100℃) ≤15 min(20℃to 100℃)
Cooling Time / ≤15min(Room temperature-20℃)Ambient temperature 26℃
Cooling Rate / ≥7℃/min(Room    temperature-20℃)≥1.2℃/min(Room
Timing Range 1 min~99h 59 min 1 min~99h59 min,inching
Power Supply A.C.110/220V,50/60 Hz A.C110/220V,50/60 Hz
Power 200W 200W
Fuse 250V,2A/3A,φ5×20 250V,3A,φ5×20
Dimensions(L^W*H) 196*270*170 mm 196*270*170 mm
Weight 8.2Kg 8.8Kg

Ordering Information

Cat.#  Description Qty.
MTB-100-E Dry Block Incubator 1Set/Carton
MTB-100C-E Dry Block Incubator (with cooling function) 1 Set/Carton

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