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Tip Combs

Tip Combs are made of medical grade high-purity polypropylene (PP). Both 8 and 96 Tip Combs are fit 96 square deep well plates.



● Low binding affinity for biomolecules
● Protect the magnetic rods from reagents to extend lifespan
● Adapt to magnetic particle processing of automated nucleic acid extraction systems
● Tolerant to autoclave at 121 ° C for 20 min

Ordering Information:

Cat.# Description Qty.
8WMS 8-Strip Tip Combs 2 Pcs/PK
96WMS-CH-N-1 96 Tip Combs 2 Pcs/PK
96WP-S022-BN 96-Well Collection Plate, Square Well, 2.2 mL, U-bottom 24 Pcs/PK
96WP-S022V-N 96-Well Collection Plate, Square Well, 2.2 mL, V-bottom 24 Pcs/PK
96WP-S005V 96-Well Collection Plate, Square Well, 0.5mL, V-bottom 10 Pcs/PK

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