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  • WT-10 Thermostatic Water Bath
  • WT-10 Thermostatic Water Bath

WT-10 Thermostatic Water Bath

WT-10 Thermostatic Water Bath adopts advanced manufacturing process and microcontroller technology, which provides a high-precision, controllable, and constant field for samples. The device is widely used in medicine, biochemistry, light industry, scientific research and other fields.



● Anti-Corrosion: stainless steel sink is formed with punch press at one time, and the Teflon-treated surface is wear-resistant and corrosionresistant
● Antirust: the shell is made of cold rolled steel with good performance, and the surface frosted plastic spray treatment to prevent rust
● Drainage: discharge sewage quickly through the thick drainage valve on the back
● Precision: PID controller has good temperature control linearity, high precision and small fluctuation
● Display: parameters are clearly displayed on the TFT large color screen
● Safety: photoelectric liquid level sensor alarms at low liquid level and cut off power while overheating
● Uniformity: pouring heating plate is perfectly fit the tank bottom to ensure good temperature uniformity


Model WT-10
Controlling Temperature Range RT+5~100℃
Timing Range 1 min~99 h 59 min
Controlling Temperature Accuracy ±0.3℃
Temperature Uniformity ±0.3℃(37℃)
Capacity 10 L
Power Supply A.C.100~120V/200~240V,50~60 Hz
Power 1KW
Dimension(L*W^H) 290*395*210 mm
Weight 4.8kg

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WT-10-E Thermostatic Water Bath 1 Set/Carton

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