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Upper and Bottom Caps

Upper and bottom caps are useful for preserving prepacked cartridges. Upper caps are suitable for cartridges of different sizes respectively, and bottom caps are universal for all cartridges.


Ordering Information

Cat.#     Description Qty.
UC001-BC-1     Upper caps, for 1mL Cartridges, Red 1000Pcs/PK
UC001-BC-G-1     Upper caps, for 1mL Cartridges, Green 1000Pcs/PK
UC001-BC-O-1     Upper caps, for 1mL Cartridges, Orange 1000Pcs/PK
UC001-BC-W-1     Upper caps, for 1mL Cartridges, White 1000Pcs/PK
UC003-BC-O-1     Upper caps, for 3 mL Cartridges, Orange 100 Pcs/PK
UC003-BC-W-1     Upper caps, for 3 mL Cartridges, White 100 Pcs/PK
UC003-BC-G-1     Upper caps, for 3 mL Cartridges, Green 100 Pcs/PK
UC003-BC-N-1     3 mL Luer-Inlet Upper Caps, Red 1000Pcs/PK
UC003-BC-PW-1     3 mL Luer-lock pierceable uppercaps, clear 1000Pcs/PK
UC006-BC-2     Upper caps, for 6 mL Cartridges, Red 1000Pcs/PK
UC012-BC-1000     Upper caps, for 12 mL Cartridges, Red 1000Pcs/PK
UC030-SZ-2     Upper caps, for 30 mL Cartridges, Orange 1000Pcs/PK
UC060-BC-2     Upper caps, for 60 mL Cartridges, Red 1000Pcs/PK
UC150-BC-1     Upper caps for 150 mLcartridges,red 100 Pcs/PK
UC300-BC-1     Upper caps for 300mL cartridges,red 100 Pcs/PK
LC-1-BC-1000     Bottom Caps, for all Cartridges 1000Pcs/PK

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