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  • Collection Plates
  • Collection Plates

Collection Plates

biocomma® Collection Plates are molded from high-purity polypropylene (PP), which is highly stable. The outstanding properties are excellent solvent resistance (including DMSO, ethanol and isopropanol), thermally resistance and low residual. The collection plates are international ANSI/ SBS standards-compliant design with alphabetical marks.



● Withstand high speed centrifugal force 3000-4000 g
● Tolerant to autoclave at 121 ° C for 20 min
● 4.6/3.5/2.2/2.0/1.6/1.0 mL deep well plates and 0.4/0.36 mL microplates are available

Ordering Information

Round Well:

Cat.# Description Qty.
48WP-C035 48-Well Collection Plate, Round Well,3.5 mL,U-bottom 50 Pcs/Box
96WP-C020-N 96-Well Collection Plate, Round Well,2.0 mL,U-bottom 24 Pcs/Box
96WP-C010-N 96-Well Collection Plate,Round Well,1.0 mL,U-bottom 24 Pcs/Box
96WU-004 96-Well Collection Plate, Round Well,0.4 mL,U-bottom 10 Pcs/Box
96WV-0036 96-Well Collection Plate,Round Well,0.36 mL,V-bottom 10 Pcs/Box

Square Well:

Cat.#                                                 Description      Qty.
48WP-S046  48-Well Collection Plate,Square Well,4.6 mL,U-bottom 24 Pcs/Box
96WP-S022-BN  96-Well Collection Plate, Square Well,2.2 mL,U-bottom 24 Pcs/Box
96WP-S022V-N  96-Well Collection Plate,Square Well,2.2 mL,V-bottom 24 Pcs/Box
96WP-S016-BN  96-Well Collection Plate,Square Well,1.6 mL,U-bottom 30 Pcs/Box
96WP-S010-N  96-Well Collection Plate,Square Well,1.0 mL,U-bottom 30 Pcs/Box
384WP-240  384-Well collection plate,Square Well,0.24 mL,,V-bottom 10 Pcs/Box
384WP-120 384-Well collection plate,Square Well,0.12 mL,V-bottom 20 Pcs/Box
384WP-220 384-Well collection plate,Square Well,0.22mL,U-bottom 10 Pcs/Box
Note: For sterilized collection plates, please contact us.

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