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  • RP Series: RNA Purification
  • RP Series: RNA Purification

RP Series: RNA Purification

Biocomma’s RP series consists of spin columns and collection tubes. The nucleic acid adsorption membrane within the spin columns is made of specific silica-based materials, and it undergoes a special RNA enzyme treatment, providing exceptionally strong RNA binding capability and outstanding elution efficiency. This series is suitable for RNA extraction from various sample types, including animal tissues, plant tissues, soil, fresh large fungi, nucleated anticoagulated blood, coagulated blood samples, yeast cell suspensions, etc.


Ordering Information:

Cat.# Description Volume Yield Qty.
RP20 biocomma® RNA Extraction Columns, capless spin columns, green fixing rings  2 mL, 800 μL  ~10 μg 500 Pcs/PK
RP20-A  biocomma® RNA Extraction Columns, capped spin columns, green fixing rings 2 mL, 800 μL  ~10 μg 500 Pcs/PK

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