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  • TD100 Knife Mill
  • TD100 Knife Mill

TD100 Knife Mill

TD100 Knife Mill is special designed for crushing and homogenizing samples to analysis fineness in tens of seconds. The high homogenization degree of grinding meets various professional requirements of laboratory operation and analysis process.



Agriculture: pellets, shells, grains, etc. Drugs: Chinese herbals, medicine, etc. Biology: animal tissues, leaves, seeds, seedlings, etc. Food: fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, candies, preserved fruits, meats, etc.


● Convenience: fast start up and easy to operate
● Large Capacity: up to 700 ml samples
● High Temperature Resistance: accessories can be sterilized under high temperature and pressure
● Compatibility: both coarse grinding and fine grinding
● Multiple Modes: intermittent mode, reverse mode, transient mode
● Controllability: powerful industrial motor with controllable speed adhesion of sealing films due to overheat


Model TD100
Particle Size ≤45mm
Grinding Particle Size 250μm
Maximum Speed 14,000 r/min
Sample Capacity 150~700mL
Timing Range 0:01~9:59(min:s)
Rotary Knife Material Titanium, stainless steel
Blade Numbers 2
Power 1.1KW
Power Supply A.C220V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (L^W*H) 260*343*454 mm
Weight 16Kg

Ordering information

Cat.# Description  Qty.
TD100-E Knife Mill  1Set/Carton
TD100-01 PC Transparent Plastic Grinding Cup  1 Pc/Box
TD100-02 Stainless Steel Grinding Cup  1Pc/Box
TD100-04 Gravity Top Cover  1 Pc/Box
TD100-05 Gravity Cover with Overflow Channel  1Pc/Box
TD100-06 Titanium Rotary Knife  1 Pc/Box
TD100-07 Stainless Steel Rotary Knife  1Pc/Box

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