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  • ELISA Microplates
  • ELISA Microplates

ELISA Microplates

Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) is a qualitative and quantitative detection method that binds soluble antigens or antibodies to a solid-phase carrier for immune reaction by specific binding of antigens and antibodies. ELISA is widely used in immunoassays because of its high detection sensitivity, strong specificity, safety and reliability. biocomma® ELISA Microplates, as a solid-phase carrier in the experiment, is used to adsorb antigens, antibodies, or antigen-antibody complexes, which play a critical role in the overall experimental results.



● Designed for ELISA and compliant with ANS/SBS standards
● High signal-to-noise ratio
● Excellent protein adsorption capacity
● Good batch-to-batch stability
● Available with pinchbar or strip plates
● Flat bottom enables precise optical measurements

Ordering Information

Cat. # Description  Qty.
96EP-NBW ELISA Microplates, pinchbar, clear  10 Pcs/PK, 20 PK/Ctn.
96EP-BKW ELISA Microplates, strip plates, clear 8
strip, white frame
20 Pcs/PK, 20 PK/Ctn.

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