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  • Copure®  24-Well Multi-Functional  Purification Plates
  • Copure®  24-Well Multi-Functional  Purification Plates

Copure® 24-Well Multi-Functional Purification Plates



  • High throughput: process 24 samples in one time, suitable for automated sample preparation workstations.
  • High recovery rate: good purification effect, no background interference,high recoveries
  • Good stability: reduce experimental errors, highly reproducible experimental data.
  • Simple and fast: the purification can be finished within 30 seconds. Achieve selective adsorption of impurities such as pigments, lipids, and proteines in sample.


Copure® 24-Well HLB Lim Plates

Corn Flour

Figure 1 TIC Chromatograms of Corn Flour Sample
( ① Before Purification ② After Purification by Copure® 226 Multifunctional Clean-Up Plate)


According to the results, the Copure® 24-Well Multi-Functional Purification Plates are more stable. The miscellaneous peaks are less on the chromatogram, and no interfering peaks next to the target peaks result in more accurate quantification.

Ordering Information

Cat. # Description Application Qty.
COAF228-GTL Copure® 228 Multifunctional Clean-Up Plate Patulin, Aflatoxin B1,B2,G1,G2 1 Pc/Box
COAF226-GTL Copure® 226 Multifunctional Clean-Up Plate Zearalenone,Alatoxin B1,B2,G1,G2 1 Pc/Box
COAF224-GTL Copure® 224 Multifunctional Clean-Up Plate Zearalenone 1 Pc/Box
COAF223-GTL Copure® 223 Multifunctional Clean-Up Plate Aflatoxin M1,M2 1 Pc/Box
COAF230-GTL Copure® 230 Multifunctional Clean-Up Plate Deoxynivalenol 1 Pc/Box
COAF229-GTL Copure® 229 Multifunctional Clean-Up Plate Ochratoxin 1 Pc/Box
COAF302-GTL Copure® 302 Multifunctional Clean-Up Plate Multiple functions 1 Pc/Box
BCY2401 Positive Pressure 24 Processor 1 Set/Ctn
BCN2403 24-Well Plate Intelligent Nitrogen Evaporator 1 Set/Ctn

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