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  • Disposable Sterile Flocked Swabs
  • Disposable Sterile Flocked Swabs

Disposable Sterile Flocked Swabs

Comparing to traditional fiber swabs, advanced nylon flocked swabs have significantly better adsorption and release capacity which affect the sample yield and sensitivity of the diagnostic assays.



● CE 0413 Certification
● Individual Sterile pack
● Release more than 95% of collected sample
● Multiple choices of length, breaking points, and tip shapes

Ordering Information

Cat.# Description Qty
SW01E Nasopharyngeal Swab (Break pointat 8cm) 50 Pcs/Bag
SW09E Nasopharyngeal Swab(Break point at 8cm) 100 Pcs/Bag
SW11E Oropharyngeal Swab(Break point at 3cm) 50 Pcs/Bag
SW13E Oropharyngeal Swab(Break point at8cm) 100 Pcs/Bag
SW24E Nasopharyngeal Swab(Break point at 3cm) 100 Pcs/Bag
SW25E Anterior Nasal Swab (Break pointat4.8cm) 100 Pcs/Bag
SW27E Anterior Nasal Swab(No Break point) 100 Pcs/Bag
SW31E Cervical Swab(Break point at4cm) 100 Pcs/Bag

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