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    Biocomma Limited

  • Since Biocomma established in 2006, we continue to increase R&D and engineering investment to build a technical innovation and industrialization platform which focus on polymer filtration materials, adsorption materials, and diagnostic membrane materials. Biocomma's accumulation of years of consumable categories covers the collection, transportation, filtration, separation, purification, preservation, culture, etc. Our products can be widely applied to scientific research, analysis and testing, drug research and development, in vitro diagnosis, medical rehabilitation and other fields. After years of growth and development, Biocomma's products have been widely recognized by the market. We established close cooperation with dozens of industry leaders worldwide, and our business covers more than 50 countries and regions.
  • Better Filter & Better Sample Prep & Better Bioprocess

Mature Production Technology

Biocomma has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management system, also obtained EU CE Certification, 8 Domestic Class II Medical Device Registration, over 10 Invention Patents and over 60 Utility Patents, National High-Tech Enterprise Certification, Shenzhen Specialized & Technologically Advanced Enterprises Certification, etc. Biocomma has a number of modern automated production lines including the preparation of adsorption and separation fillers, precision assembly, mold design and manufacturing, automated liquid preparation, filling, packaging, testing, sterilization. In addition, Biocomma’s injection blowing and injection molding equipment is the world's leading. Biocomma is a powerful manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service in the whole industry chain.

Experienced Management Team

Biocomma’s R&D center is composed of 1 doctor, 18 masters and 33 bachelors, and has cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Machinery and the School of Materials Science and Technology of Shenzhen University established an integrated production-university-research base which offer an innovation and industrialization platform for core materials technology of polymer filter materials, adsorption and separation materials, and biofilm materials.

The functional R&D center including material laboratories, chemical analysis laboratories, biological laboratories, microbiology laboratories and respiratory care laboratories to satisfy the needs of multi-project experiments, multi-product development, and multi-technology innovation.

Optional OEM Services

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