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  • CommaSil® NH2 HPLC Column
  • CommaSil® NH2 HPLC Column

CommaSil® NH2 HPLC Column

CommaSil® NH2 HPLC column employs unique amino bonding technology, which effectively reduces the hydrolysis of the amino bonded phase, thus improving the stability and life of the column. The excellent retention and selectivity under normal phase, reversed phase or ion exchange conditions are suitable for the separation of a wide range of compounds. The column is not only suitable for the separation of hydrophobic compounds in normal phase mode, but also for the separation of hydrophilic and polar compounds in HILIC mode (hydrophilicity exchange liquid chromatography). In HILIC mode, the column can be used to separate polar compounds such as carbohydrates, monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, sugar alcohols, etc.

Separation of Glucosamine Sulfate Related Impurities
Chromatographic column: CommaSil® NH2 (250×4.6 mm, 5 μm)
Cat. #: HNH536
Detector: UV 195 nm
Flow rate: 1 ml/min
Column temperature: 35 ℃
Mobile phase: acetonitrile : buffer solution = 70:30 (V/V)
(Buffer solution: dissolve 3.5 g dipotassium hydrogen phosphate and 0.25 mL ammonia in water, and dilute to 1000 mL, adjust the pH to 7.5 by phosphoric acid)

In left-to-right order: N-acetylglucosamine (impurity A), fructosazine (impurity B), deoxyfructosazine (impurity C), glucosamine sulfate (main substance).

Ordering Information

Particle size Specification Cat. #
5μm 250×4.6 mm HNH536

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