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BCY96 Positive Pressure 96 Processor

BCY96 Positive Pressure 96 Processor uses a continuous positive pressure gas source to drive variable viscosity liquids through each well of 96-well plate. Applying parallel gas pressure from top of the device ensures highly uniform flow rate across 96 wells.



● Stability: flow rates are highly uniform between wells. Pressure is constant in each well
● Efficiency: provide excellent flow rate for viscous samples. Universal design fits all SPE 96 well plates
● Reproducibility: improve the reproducibility of solid-phase supported liquid-liquid extraction (SLE), solid-phase extraction (SPE) and protein precipitation filtration (PPT)
● Easy to Use: adjustable gas pressure is up to 100psi


Model BCY9601 BCY9602
Throughput 1~96 1~96
96-Well Output Working Pressure Low pressure area:0~15 psi
High pressure area:0-95 psi
Low pressure area:0~15 psi
High pressure area:0~100 psi
External Working Air Pressure 0.35~0.7 Mpa 0.35-0.7 Mpa
Flatness of Movable Platen Height error≤±0.1mm Height error≤±0.1mm
96-Well Gas Pressure Uniformity ≤±10% ≤±10%
Operating Humidity 10~90% 10~90%
Operating Temperature 10~40℃ 10~40℃
Applicable Consumables 96-well extraction plate, 2 ml collection plate 96-well extraction plate,
1 ml collection plate,2 ml collection plate
Operation Method Switch knob control Switch knob control
Power Mode Pneumatic control,
no external power supply required
Pneumatic control,
no external power supply required
Dimensions(L'W*H) 260*300*360 mm 260*300*330 mm
Weight 8Kg 8Kg

Ordering Information

Cat.# Description Qty.
BCY9601-E Positive Pressure 96 Processor 1Set/Carton
BCY9602-E Positive Pressure 96 Processor(includes adapters to fit more plates) 1Set/Carton

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