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UGF Noiseless Ultrasonic Cleaner

UGF Noiseless Series is famous by its unique multiple sound reduction design which provides a quiet and comfortable environment in the laboratory. Multiple options are available to meet general laboratory requirements of routine cleaning, extraction, emulsification, mixing, degassing and dispersion, etc.



● Anti-Corrosion: inner sink is made of SUS304 stainless steel and formed with punch press at one time without welding marks to ensure good performance of waterproof, acid and alkali resistance
● Powerful: the transmission power of ultrasonic transducer is 50/60 W. The ultrasonic is powerful and the conversion is highly efficient. The unique cooling system ensures the smooth operating of each component
● Convenience: user-friendly customized drainage discharges sewage quickly. Timing and temperature settings are flexible. Set personalized programs
● Automation: realized easy control of time, temperature and power by three unique designed dials. Running parameters are displayed on LCD screen
● Appearance: The panel is made of plexiglass, and the device appearance is delicate


Specification UC-10-E
Capacity 10 L
Ultrasound Input Power 300 W
Ultrasound Frequency 40 Hz
Heating Power 300 W
Temperature Range RT-80℃
Time Setting Range 1-999 min/Normally open
Inner Sink Dimensions (LW*H) 300*240*150mm
Dimensions (L*W*H) 328*266*292mm
Power Supply A.C.110V
Ordering Information
Cat.#    Description Qty.
UC-06-E Noiseless Ultrasonic Cleaner,6 L,power 150W   1Set/Carton
UC-10-E Noiseless Ultrasonic Cleaner,10 L,power 300W   1Set/Carton
UC-15-E Noiseless Ultrasonic Cleaner,15 L,power 400W   1Set/Carton

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