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  • Copure® SLE Cartridges for AZO Dye Testing
  • Copure® SLE Cartridges for AZO Dye Testing

Copure® SLE Cartridges for AZO Dye Testing

Determination of banned azo dyes in textile products

Most currently-used dyes and pigments in textile and leather industries are azo dye compounds which under reductive conditions, are decomposed to form fatty or aromatic amines. Those amines derived from azo compounds, some aromatic amines are believed to be carcinogenic or potentially carcinogenic and banned in EU, the U.S. and China.

Biocomma provides SLE cartridges dedicatedly optimized for determining banned azo dyes in textile products, helping you manage product quality quickly and reliably and protect health of your customers.


● Packed with dedicatedly optimized diatomaceous earth
● Frits with excellent flowrate control technology
● Complying with China and EU official methods
● Superb performance proven by China’s most authoritative textile testing institute

Typical Recoveries

Analyte Recovery Rate
2,4-diaminoanisole >20
o-toluidine >50
2,4-diaminotoluene >50
other aromatic amines >70


Related Methods

● EN 14362-1:2017 Textiles: methods for determination of certain aromatic amines derived from azo colorants.

Ordering Information

Cat.# Description Qty.
COAZO060 SLE Cartridges for Azo Dye Testing 4 Pcs/PK


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