Other Materials Frits

Other Materials Frits

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Polypropylene fiber filter is often used in some special biology applications.

PP Fiber Filter

Polypropylene fiber filter is made of polypropylene fiber suppression , resistant to acid and most organic solvents, won't produce adsorption to most of biological molecules.
  • Thickness 1.0mm  pore size 5μm.
  • The diameter can customized.
  • In some applications, the cost was lower than those of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene filter.

Order Information:

Cat.NO. Material Description of frits Package(Pcs/PK)
F-FP-194 Paper filter Diameter19.4mm,round-shaped filter paper,suitable for 20ml filter 10,000
F-MF-070 Mixed fiber Mixed fiber filter,diameter 7.0mm,thickness 1.0mm,pore size 5μm 10,000
F-MF-072 Mixed fiber Mixed fiber filter,diameter 7.2mm,thickness 1.0mm,pore size 5μm 10,000
F-MF-091 Mixed fiber Mixed fiber filter,diameter 9.1mm,thickness 1.0mm,pore size 5μm 10,000
F-MF-128 Mixed fiber Mixed fiber filter,diameter 12.8mm,thickness 1.0mm,pore size 5μm 10,000
F-MF-132 Mixed fiber Mixed fiber filter,diameter 13.2mm,thickness 1.0mm,pore size 5μm 10,000
F-MF-196 Mixed fiber Mixed fiber filter,diameter 19.6mm,thickness 1.0mm,pore size 5μm 10,000
F-PP-060 pp PP membrane 6.0mm 10,000
F-PP-072 pp PP membrane filter 7.2mm 10,000
F-PP-078 pp PP membrane 7.8mm 10,000
F-PP-080 pp PP membrane 8.0mm 10,000
F-PP-090 pp PP membrane 9.0mm 10,000
F-PP-091 pp PP membrane 9.1mm 10,000
F-PP-124 pp PP membrane 12.4mm 10,000
F-PP-145 pp PP membrane 7.45mm 10,000
F-PP-162 pp PP membrane 16.2mm Thickness1.0mm Pore5μm 10,000
F-PP-171 pp PP,Φ17.10mm Thickness1.0mm Pore5μm 10,000
F-PP-196 pp PP,Φ19.6mm,Thickness1.0mm,Pore5μm
F-SS-045 Stainless Steel 005101 Φ4.5mm Thickness1.0mm Pore2μm
F-SS-046 Stainless Steel 005102 Φ 4.6 mm Thickness 1.0 mm Pore 2μm
F-SS-F01 Stainless Steel
Y-SM-HZ pellosil pellosil,10*290mm
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