Transport and Preservation Medium(Direct PCR analysis)

No nucleiNo nucleic acid extraction, direct PCR analysis, efficient virus inactivationc acid extraction, direct PCR analysis, efficient virus inactivation



  • No nucleic acid extraction step, the preservation medium can be used directly as a nucleic acid amplification template, and the components are compatible with; subsequent PCR andRT-PCR experiments;
  • Immediately inactivate the virus, make the virus lose its activity quickly, and avoid secondary infection;
  • Contains nucleic acid protective agent, DNA and RNA are not significantly degraded within a few days;
  • At 5-25°C,  samples can be stored for 5 days;
  • One sampling is enough for dozens of nucleic acid amplification; 
  • This product cannot be used to preserve live viruses, and cannot be used for virus toxicity studies.

Experimental data:

Use the transport and preservation medium to store the fake virus (106 copies/mL) and keep it at room temperature. After 1/2/3/4/5 days of storage, take a sample and directly perform qPCR detection. The results are as follows:

Production Line:

Reagent preparation

Automatic dispensing

Automatic labeling

Automatic packaging

Oder information:

Cat.# Description Qty.
YMJ-TE11 1*1 mL inactivated medium, 1* nasopharyngeal swab 1 mL/pcs,50 pcs/Box

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