Biological Buffers

biocomma® Biological Buffers have a complete range and accurate quantification, which are ideal reagent for standard biological experiments. The biological buffers can be applied to cell culture, immunohistochemistry (IHC), Western Blot, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), in situ hybridization, immunodetection washing solutions, antibody dilutions, and molecular cloning fields.



● Convenience: Ready-to-use, no configuration required, sterilized by 0.1 μm filtration
● Professional: Professional production technology, completely mixed, GMP standard, traceable throughout the process
● Reproducibility: Small batch-to-batch variation
● Stable: Provide solution stability

Ordering Information

Category   Cat.# Description  Qty.
PBS PBS-EC500 PBS Buffer,pH 7.4,1× 500mL
PBS-EC510 PBS Buffer, pH 7.4,10× 500mL
PBS Buffer, pH 7.4,20× 500mL
PBS Tween-20 Buffer,1× 500mL
PBST E510 PBS Tween-20 Buffer,10× 500mL
DPBS DPBS-E500 DPBS Buffer,no calcium, no magnesium,1× 500mL
DPBS-E500-CM DPBS Buffer, calcium, magnesium,1× 500mL
TBS TBS-E500 TBS Buffer,1× 500mL
TBS-E510 TBS Buffer,10× 500mL
TBS-E520 TBS Buffer,20× 500mL
TBS Tween-20 Buffer,1× 500mL
TBST-E510 TBS Tween-20 Buffer,10× 500mL
TBS Tween-20 Buffer,20× 500mL
TG TG-E500 Tris-Glycine Buffer,1× 500mL
TG-E510 Tris-Glycine Buffer,10× 500mL
TE TE-E500 Tris-EDTA Buffer,1× 500mL
TE-E510 Tris-EDTA Buffer,10× 500mL
TE-E520 Tris-EDTA Buffer,20× 500mL
TGS TGS-E500 Tris-Glycine SDS Buffer,1× 500mL
TGS-E510 Tris-Glycine SDS Buffer,10× 500mL
WTB WTB-E500 Western Transfer Buffer,1× 500mL
WTB-E510 Western Transfer Buffer,10× 500mL
WTB-E520 Western Transfer Buffer,20× 500mL

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