G-25 Desalting Purification Cartridges

G-25 Desalting Purification Cartridges are packed with gel filtration chromatography medium with dextran as the matrix, and the separation is achieved according to the molecular size of the separated substances through the molecular sieve effect of the network structure in the dextran. During chromatography, the molecules larger than the pore size of the gel are blocked out of the gel phase and travel along the gaps between the gel particles. The large molecules have the fastest migration speed, so they elute first. The medium-sized molecules partially enter the gel phase, so they elute in second. All the small molecules enter the gel phase, so the resistance is max, and they elute at last. Thus, the molecules of different sizes are isolated for subsequent experiments such as PCR, sequencing and molecular cloning.


Ordering Information

Cat.# Description Qty.
DG25003                     G-25 Purification Cartridges, 0.8 mL/3 mL 50 Pcs/Box
DG25006 G-25 Purification Cartridges, 2 mL/6 mL 40 Pcs/Box
DG25012 G-25 Purification Cartridges, 4 mL/12 mL 20 Pcs/Box
DG25012-1 G25 Centrifugal Desalting Purification Cartridges, 6 mL/12 mL 5 Pcs/Box

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