Micro-Scale DNA Purification Columns

CommaXP® Micro-Scale DNA Purification Columns are supplied with spin columns and collection tubes. The columns can purify DNA fragment size of 100 bp-10 kb, and the recovery can be up to 80%. The columns are capable of purifying DNA from TAE or TBE agarose gel or purifying DNA fragments from PCR or other enzymatic reactions. Purified DNA fragments are ready to use in many downstream applications, including PCR, restriction digestion, sequencing and library construction.



● The elution volume as low as to 8 μL
● Easy to operate and high recovery rate
● Suitable for micro-scale DNA purification
● Suitable for DNA methylation reactions

Experimental overview

Typical results

Purified DNA fragments by different elution volumes:

Ordering Information

Cat.#    Description  Volume Yield Qty.
MP05 CommaXP® Micro-Scale DNA Purification Columns 2 mL, 800 μL ~5 μg 500 Pcs/PK

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