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Bottletop Dispensers



● Wide capacity range of 0.5-100mL
● Chemical resistance
● Various accessories are available
● Partial or whole sterilization at high temperature is available
● Pro series designed with backflow valve

Ordering Information

Cat.#  Range  Qty.
DLP-5  0.5~5 mL   1Pc/Box
DLP-5-Pro  0.5~5mL   1 Pc/Box
DLP-10  1~10 mL   1 Pc/Box
DLP-10-Pro  1~10 mL   1Pc/Box
DLP-25  2.5~25 mL   1Pc/Box
DLP-25-Pro  2.5~25mL   1 Pc/Box
DLP-50  5~50 mL   1Pc/Box
DLP-50-Pro  5~50mL   1Pc/Box
DLP-100-Pro  10~100mL   1Pc/Box

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