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H16GM High Speed Centrifuge

High-speed centrifuges are widely applied to clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology and other fields, which is commonly used for centrifugal separation in hospitals, scientific research institutions and colleges. Mass samples can be centrifuged at high speed. Multiple purposes are achieved by 13 adapted rotors.



● Stability: microcomputer control, brushless DC motor, stable operation and low noise
● Convenience: dual operation modes of touch screen and physical buttons, programmable operation, set host operating parameters and auto save
● Efficiency: the special combination of shock absorption device lets the motor run smoothly, and prevents the sample from being resuspended to achieve excellent centrifugal effect
● Safety: alarm functions of overspeed, overtemperature, unbalance, undervoltage, overvoltage, etc
● Customization: 10-speed acceleration and deceleration rate control, save up to 20 sets of defined programs
● Intelligent: trigger the adopted silent electromechanical integrated motor door to lock by gently capping

Rotor Parameters

H16GM Capacity Speed(r/min) RCF(g)
Angle Roto 12*1.5/2.0ML(Standard) 16500 18780
18*1.5/2.0mL 15000 18111
24*1.5/2.0mL 14000 18220
10*5 mL 13500 12570
12*10mL/5mL 12000 13820
8*15mLV-Bottom 12000 14830
8*15mLU-Bottom 12000 14830
6*50 mLV-Bottom 11000 12700
6*50 mL U-Bottom 11000 11610
Dimensions (L*W*H) 6*50 mL Universal 6000 3670
Horizontal Rotor 12*10 mL 4000 2360
4*100 mL 4000 2490
ELISA Plate Rotor 2*2*48 Well 3000 1120


Max. Rotation Speed 16500 rpm
Max.RCF 18780g
Max. Capacity 4*100 mL
Timing Range 1~99 h 59 min
Running Programs 20
Power 500W
Noise ≤60 dB
Power Supply A.C.220V,50 Hz
Weight 35Kg
Dimensions(L*W*H) 550*440*330 mm

Ordering Information

Cat.#   Description Qty.
H16GM-E   High Speed Centrifuge,16500 rpm 1Set/Carton
H16FM-E   High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge,16000 rpm 1Set/Carton
DTZ5-E   Low Speed Auto-Balancing Centrifuge,5000 rpm 1Set/Carton

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