Blood Genomic DNA Kit (Spin Column)

Blood Genomic DNA Kit (Spin Column)

CommaXP ® Blood Genomic DNA Kit (Spin Column) are used to extract genomic DNA from human, mammal, fowl and amphibian blood samples.


CommaXP ®   Blood Genomic DNA Kit (Spin Column) is based on Biocomma’s proprietary silica membrane purification technology, capable of quickly extracting and purifying genomic DNA from blood samples such as fresh blood, frozen blood, blood within anticoagulants, etc. The optimized buffer system in the kits can remove protein and other organic impurities as much as possible, then lyses blood cells to release DNA which efficiently adsorbs into silica membrane in the spin column. The obtained genomic DNA is high-purity and the quality is stable and reliable. The purified genomic DNA is suitable for downstream applications.


  •  High quantity: the quantity of extracted genomic DNA as much as 20 μg.
  •  Quick: the optimized solution formula is perfect match for easy and quick extraction of blood genomic DNA in 40 min.
  •  High purity: the extracted genomic DNA fragment is high purity, stable and reliable.

 Experimental Data 

M: 15000 bp Marker
Lane1-2: human blood genomic DNA
Lane3-4: chicken blood genomic DNA
Genomic DNA are extracted from 200 μL human blood and 200 μL chicken blood by CommaXP™ Blood Genomic DNA Kit (Spin Column), the elution volume is 50 μL, sample volume is 6 μL for AGE, Marker volume is 6 μL for AGE.

Order information:

Cat. # Description Qty.
MNP002-1E CommaXP ® Blood Genomic DNA Kit (Spin Column) 50 Preps/Kit
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