RPC Desalting Purification Cartridges

RPC Desalting Purification Cartridges

RPC desalting purification cartridges are used for purification of synthetic oligonucleotides.

The RPC desalting purification cartridge is packed with monodisperse, microporous PS/DVB resin particles. The highly cross-linked resin is characterized by highly chemical and physical stabilities and can be used in a broader pH range than silica-based packings.

The surface of RPC packing binds DNA molecules via hydrophobic interaction. Then an aqueous solution is used to wash off residual salts. Finally, an organic solvent is used to elute DNA molecules and the eluent is collected in a reservoir.

The RPC desalting purification cartridge has proven to be an effective and economical way to obtain high-purity oligonucleotides.


RPC Desalting purification cartridges can be used for desalting oligonucleotides after synthesis. During the purification process, failure sequences are eliminated and the DMT is subsequently removed, allowing for elution of purified products. Desalting purification cartridges can also be used for desalting oligonucleotides after purification by PAGE or HPLC.

Order information:

Biocomma provides RPC desalting purification cartridges with various sizes. An appropriate cartridge size can be chosen according to the concentration of oligos. If multiple samples are to be purified, the 96-well plates will be a better choice.

Cat. # Name Purification Scale Qty.
RPC150 RPC Desalting Purification Cartridges, 50mg/1mL 10 nmol-200 nmol 100/PK
RPC3100 RPC Desalting Purification Cartridges, 100mg/3mL 10 nmol-600 nmol 50/PK
RPC3300-1 RPC Desalting Purification Cartridges, 300mg/3mL 10 nmol-2.0 μmol 50/PK
RPC61000 RPC Desalting Purification Cartridges, 1g/6mL 1.0 μmol-6.0 μmol 30/PK
RPC9650 RPC Desalting Purification Plate, 50mg/96well 10 nmol-200 nmol EA/PK
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