G-25 Desalting Purification Cartridges

G-25 Desalting Purification Cartridges

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The G-25 desalting purification cartridge is packed with a sepharose-based chromatographic medium with its network structure acting as molecular sieve to separate different substances on the basis of their molecule sizes. Molecules larger than the largest pores in the medium are excluded from the gel and elute first. Intermediate size molecules penetrate the matrix to varying extents, depending on their size. Penetration of the matrix retards progress through the column; very small molecules elute last.


G-25 Desalting purification cartridges can be used for desalting oligonucleotides after synthesis. During the purification process, failure sequences are eliminated and the DMT is subsequently removed, allowing for elution of purified products. Desalting purification cartridges can also be used for desalting oligonucleotides after purification by PAGE or HPLC.

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Cat. # Name Qty.
DG25003 G-25 Desalting Purification Cartridges, 0.8mL/3mL 50/PK
DG25012 G-25 Desalting Purification Cartridges, 4mL/12mL 20/PK
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