From product development to customer support, Biocomma helps you create your SPE brand Advantages.

From product development to customer support, Biocomma helps you create your SPE brand Advantages.

  • Tubes and sorbents can be either Biocomma or customer supplied
  • Production capacity is up to 10,000 cartridges per day, promising quick delivery
  • All cartridges are assembled in a certificated sterilized and DNase-free cleanroom
  • Formats include cartridges, 96-well plates, spin columns, online columns and mini cartridges are available, and special formats can be designed by Biocomma or molded from customer drawings
  • Biocomma provides customer support

OEM Product Range

  • More than 30 sorbents are provided by Biocomma. Alternative sorbents can also be provided by customers.
  • Cartridges, 96-well plates and online columns and other formats are available, meeting various needs.

OEM Workflow

  1. Customer Needs
  2. Designing Solution
  3. Confirming Solution
  4. Signing Agreement
  5. Product Manufacturing
  6. Product Delivery
  7. Customer support

10 years of experience in development, manufacturing and OEM services of SPE products.

One Step for Brand conversion

Biocomma’s SPE brands include Polybase™ and Silibase™ 
You can create your own SPE brand with our SPE specifications as reference. 
It is as easy as printing a logo to create your own brand.

Abundant Sorbents

Abundant sorbents can be chosen from Biocomma’s inventory. Each sorbent can be fine-tuned   regarding to several parameters so as to help you build unique SPE products, archiving marketing differentiation. 
For example, we provide 4 variants of HLB sorbent.

Diverse Formats

Cartridges, 96-well plates, spin columns, online columns, mini cartridges and glass cartridges are available.

Silk Screen Logos

Logos are printed on cartridges by silk screen printing. Logo printing is free for each SKU over 100 cartridges.

SPE Packaging

Biocomma provides aluminum foil bags and cartons for product packaging. Labels are printed according to customer’s requirements.

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