Precision Injection Molding OEM Service

Precision Injection Molding OEM Service

Biocomma can offer OEM opening mouldservice of plastic cartridges and multi-well plates. Such as empty solid phasesynthesis cartridges for peptide synthesis, empty FPLC columns for proteinpurification under the medium and lower pressure, and 96/384-well plates forhigh throughput application.

Meanwhile we can offer flexible customizedfrits based on our porous plastic technology platform to meet all yourrequests.


OEM Process:

  • Customer offer samples ordrawing to us for checking.
  • Confirm key parameters afteranalyzing customer’s samples
  • Quote based on buyingquantity and opening mould situation then draft mould contract.
  • Offer detailed drawing andprint 3D sample after payment received from customer.
  • Officiallyopen mould after 3D sampleconfirmed. Normally the lead time of samples is 30-60 working days.
  • Orderproduction after formal sample confirmed.


  • Productionraw materials: The raw material resin of our OEM plastic fitting is USP VIresin (USA National Pharmacopoeia Level 6) which can be used in medicalequipment field.
  • Productionmould: Our production mould using in OEM plastic fitting are customized andverified strictly according to SPI Classification 101, which can ensure ourproduct accuracy.
  • NOmould release allowed: OEM plastic fitting use high-end mould. We will not useany mould release agent and will not remain any chemical substances on theplastic surface, which can make sure testing sample not be contaminated.
  • Porousplastic technology: Based on our experienced porous plastic sinteredtechnology, we can provide one-stop OEM service by offering customized fritsand filters as your request.
  • Productionsystem: We are ISO9001 certified factory with high standard  manufacturing quality control to make sureproduct cleanliness and not be contaminated by exogenous pollution.
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