Biocomma Dasang™ Plastic Mufflers Launched Grandly

2015-10-20 11:10:00
Summary :After thoroughly collecting and analyzing customer needs, followed by years of research and development, Biocomma launched its brand-new series of DasangTM mufflers, on October 20, 2015.

After thoroughly collecting and analyzing customer needs, followed by years of research and development, Biocomma launched its brand-new series of Dasang TM mufflers, on October 20, 2015. Through the combination of Biocomma's 10-year expertise in producing medical filters and its state-of-the-art technology in producing noise suppressors for General Motors' commercial vehicles, Biocomma has improved extant muffler-producing technology, ensuring DasangTM mufflers simplistic design and superior performance. Dasang™ mufflers' outstanding noise-reducing effect is expected to contribute to human health both in living environment and at workplace.

Dasang™ mufflers' main advantages: 

1.Produced with our advanced technology used in producing medical filters; 
2.High porosity, high air permeability, precise control of air flowrate; 
3.Powerful muffling, reducing noise to 70 dB; 
4.Made from medical grade materials compliant with FDA requirements.

Dasang™ mufflers' debut greatly extends the CommaFilter product line, conducive for enhancing brand awareness and corporate identity of Biocomma, as well as providing strong support for our distributors to develop end-user marketplace.

In the future, Biocomma will continue to offer best quality and services to its customers, taking advantage of its abundant experience in R&D and manufacturing in filtration industry.

About CommaFilter

CommaFilter is a subsidiary of Biocomma Biotech Co, Ltd. Biocomma has a panel of professionals and a number of national patents. With its sophisticated equipment, advanced manufacturing techniques and complete quality-control system, Biocomma remains a globally leading position of design and manufacturing. 

CommaFilter focuses on the development and production of high-precision micro filters. We are devoted to innovate technology and pursue quality. Our products are widely used in biopharmaceuticals, medicine, life science, wearable devices, water treatment, environmental protection, chemical analysis, air-condioning, rechargeable batteries, motor engines etc.

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