SPE Sorbents

SPE Sorbents

Bulk SPE sorbents used for packing your own SPE Cartridges or QuChERS kits.

Bulk SPE sorbents used for packing your own SPE Cartridges or QuChERS kits.

Order Information:

Cat # Name Description Qty.
HLB-1-50 HLB Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balanced Sorbent 50g
MCX-1-50 MCX Mixed-Mode Cation Exchange Sorbent 50g
MAX-1-50 MAX Mixed-Mode Anion Exchange Sorbent 50g
WCX-1-50 WCX Weak Cation Exchange Sorbent 50g
WAX-1-50 WAX Weak Anion Exchange Sorbent 50g
C18-1-100 C18 Endcapped Octadecyl Sorbent 100g
C18N-1-100 C18N Non-Endcapped Octadecyl Sorbent 100g
C18A-1-100 C18A Hydrophilic Octadecyl Sorbent 100g
C8-1-100 C8 Octyl Sorbent 100g
SILICA-1-100 Silica Unbounded Silica Sorbent 100g
FLORISIL-1-100 Florisil Florisil sorbent 100g
DIOL-1-100 Diol Dihydroxy sorbent 100g
CN-1-100 CN Cyanopropyl Sorbent 100g
ALA-1-100 ALA Acidic Alumina Sorbent 100g
ALN-1-100 ALN Neutral Alumina Sorbent 100g
ALB-1-100 ALB Basic Alumina Sorbent 100g
GCB-1-50 Carb-GCB Graphitized Carbon Black Sorbent 50g
NH-1-100 NH2 Aminopropyl Sorbent 100g
PSA-2-100 PSA Primary-Secondary Amine Sorbent 100g
PRS-1-100 PRS Propylsulfonic Acid Sorbent 100g
SCX-1-100 SCX Strong Cation Exchange Sorbent 100g
SAX-1-100 SAX Strong Anion Exchange Sorbent 100g
C8SCX-1-100 C8/SCX Octyl/Strong Cation Exchange Sorbent 100g
C8SAX-1-100 C8/SAX Octyl/Strong Anion Exchange Sorbent 100g

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