Filtration Cartridges (Push Rod)

Filtration Cartridges (Push Rod)

  • Brand biocomma

biocomma filtration cartridges (push rod) are designed to filter viscous liquid such as bacterial cell lysate. Driven by positive pressure, as the push rod is pushed down, lysate could pass through the frits and form an appropriate solution for further purification.


  • Ideal for bacterial lysate filtration
  • Positive pressure enables quick sample treatment
  • Thickened frits stay stationary when the plunger is pulled back
  • Available from 12 mL to 60 mL

Order information:

Cat. # Description Qty.
004417-M Filtration Cartridges, 12 mL,with Two Frits and One Push Rod
004417 Filtration Cartridges, 20 mL,with Two Frits and One Push Rod
004410-M Filtration Cartridges, 30 mL,with Two Frits and One Push Rod
004416-M Filtration Cartridges, 60 mL,with Two Frits and One Push Rod
Note: Biocomma not only provides filtration cartridges for plasmid filtration, we but customize filtration cartridges for additional applications such as oligonucleotides purification.

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