Empty Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns

Empty Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns

Biocomma provides empty affinity chromatography columns (AC columns) for packing your own AC columns.

Biocomma provides empty affinity chromatography columns (AC columns) for packing your own AC columns.


  • Frits are optimized for minimizing non-specific adsorption
  • Solvents can be fed with gravity flow, syringes or peristaltic pumps
  • Top caps (red, green, orange or white) and bottom caps (white) are used to preserve packed columns
  • Top caps are pierceable for applying positive pressure using syringes


  • Desalting of nucleic acids and proteins
  • Purification of recombinant proteins, e.g., polyhistidine-tagged proteins
  • Purification of enzymes, lectins, antibodies and antigens

Straight-Barrel Column (Left) and Luer-Inlet Columns (Right)

Order information:

Each column consists of one polypropylene tube, one top cap, one bottom cap and two hydrophilic frits.

Cat. # Description Qty.
004201 1-mL Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns 500/Box 
004202 3-mL Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns 100/Box 
004203 6-mL Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns 100/Box 
004204 12-mL Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns 100/Box 
004206 30-mL Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns 50/Box 
004209 60-mL Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns 25/Box 
004208 300-mL Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns 10/Box 
004205-2 1-mL Luer-Inlet Affinity Chromatography (AC) Columns 1,00/Box 

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