biocomma® Single-Channel Electronic  Pipettes

biocomma® Single-Channel Electronic Pipettes

Biocomma offers 4 single-channel electronic pipettes with excellent performance and affordable pricing.


biocomma® electronic pipettes deliver extreme accuracy, due to our innovative electronic manipulating structure and high-performance motor.

Each pipette is calibrated according to ISO 8655:2002 standard.


biocomma® electronic pipettes' light-weight, ergonomic design make every operation comfortable. Large color LCD display and friendly menu show settings and status intuitively.

Powered by an 800 mAh Lithium ion battery, the pipettes help your laboratory work for one day.


biocomma® electronic pipettes have 3 basic pipetting modes: forward pipetting, manual pipetting, multi-aspirating. By combining these basic modes, more complex modes can be achieved.

Order information:

Cat. # Name Volume range Increment Qty.
801111 Single-Channel Electronic Pipettes 0.2-10 μL 0.01 μL EA
801121 Single-Channel Electronic Pipettes 10-200 μL 0.2 μL EA
801131 Single-Channel Electronic Pipettes 50-1000 μL 1 μL EA
801141 Single-Channel Electronic Pipettes 0.1-5 mL 5 μL EA
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