1st Generation Synthesis Columns for ABI 394

1st Generation Synthesis Columns for ABI 394

The 1 st generation synthesis columns for ABI 394 are filled with CPG powder and fixedby upper and bottom PE frits, easy to assemble and suitable for short primersynthesis.



  • Universal linkerCPG technology
  • Optimized flow control and automatic assembly technology for large scale synthesis
  • Compatible with original synthesizer and protocols
  • High purity of oligo produces less mutation in final full-length products

Order information:

Cat. # Loading Value CPG Pore Size Qty.
DS394-0200 200 nmol 2000 Å 50pcs/pk
200 nmol
1000 Å 50pcs/pk
500 nmol
1000 Å 50pcs/pk
800 nmol
500 Å

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