4Tip™ Self-Sealing Filters for Pipette Tips

4Tip™ Self-Sealing Filters for Pipette Tips

Ideal for handling dangerous samples.

4Tip™ self-sealing filters for pipette tips feature good air gas permeability before wetted and quick sealing once exposed to aqueous solutions, making them ideal for handling dangerous samples.


  • Good aerosol barrier, avoiding cross-contamination
  • Self-sealing effect, preventing solution from entering the pipette chamber

Order information:

Cat. # Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Pore size (μm) Usage Qty.
CF10-18-35 1.8 3.5 10 10 μL Tip 10000/PK
CF200-47-35 4.7 3.5 10 200 μL Tip 10000/PK
CF1000-71-40 7.1 4.0 10 1000 μL Tip 10000/PK
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