Collection Plates (Round Well)

Collection Plates (Round Well)

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biocomma® collection plates are molded from medical-grade polypropylene with high chemical stability. The collection plates have many outstanding properties such as excellent solvent resistance (including DMSO, Ethanol and Isopropanol), good heat resistance and low residual liquid. International ANSI/SBS standards-compliant designs ensure collection plates could be used with 96-well filtration plates or 96-well extraction plates.


  • Can withstand high speed centrifugation of 4,000 x g
  • Tolerant to autoclave at 121 ℃ for 20 min
  • Available in deep-well plates and micro-well plates

Order information:

Cat. # Description Qty.
48WP-C035 48-Well Collection Plates, 3.5 mL, Round Well, U-Bottom 24/Box
96WP-C020 96-Well Collection Plates, 2.0 mL, Round Well, U-Bottom 24/Box
96WP-C010 96-Well Collection Plates, 1.0 mL, Round Well, U-Bottom 24/Box
96-Well Collection Plates, 0.4 mL, Round Well, U-Bottom
96-Well Collection Plates, 0.36 mL, Round Well, V-Bottom
Note: For sterilized collection plates, please contact us.

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