Cell Culture Medium

biocomma® Cell Culture Medium contains amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, inorganic salt ions and other nutrients required for best cell growth state. The complete product range is suitable for the in vitro culture of various suspension and adherent mammalian cells, which is a standard medium for cell culture experiments.



● Stable: All raw materials are strictly screened, one-time bulk purchase.
● Convenient: Ready to use
● Quality Control: Each batch undergoes strict quality inspection to achieve traceability
● Professional: Years of R&D and production experience, ISO9001 certified and GMP standard

Ordering Information

Cat.# Description Qty.
CM-RPM-E RPMI1640  Medium(1×) 500mL
CM-RPM-E1 RPMI1640  Medium(1×) 10x500mL
CM-DMH-E DMEM,High Glucose(1×) 500mL
CM-DMH-E1 DMEM,High Glucose (1×) 10x500mL
CM-DMF-E DMEM/F-12(1:1)(1×) 500mL
CM-DMF-E1 DMEM/F-12(1:1)(1×) 10x500mL
CM-MEM-E MEM(1×) 500mL
CM-MEM-E1 MEM(1×) 10x500mL

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