High-Throughput Extraction Plates

CommaXP® High-Throughput Extraction Plates are designed for highthroughput samples processing. The plates are suitable for plasmid or genomic DNA extraction, up to 15 μg DNA per well can be achieved. Extracted DNA is ready to use in many downstream applications, including restriction digestion, ligation and transformation, PCR, sequencing and library construction.



● For high-throughput samples processing
● High quality with reproducible yields
● Suitable for vacuum or centrifuge

Ordering Information

Cat.#  Description    Volume Yield  Qty.  
DNAK9602-N 96-Well Extraction Plates, Full-Skirted 1.0 mL/well ~15μg/well 4 Pcs/PK
DNAK9603-N 96-Well Extraction Plates, Semi-Skirted, pink fixing ring 1.5 mL/well ~15μg/well 4 Pcs/PK
DNAK9607-N 96-Well Extraction Plates, Semi-Skirted, clear fixing ring 1.5 mL/well ~15μg/well 4 Pcs/PK
DNAK3840 384-Well Extraction Plates 150μL/well ~500ng/well 4 Pcs/PK

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