Plasmid Preparation Columns (Anion-exchange)

CommaPure ™ Plasmid preparation Columns are based on Biocomma’s anion-exchange chromatography. The resins are composed of small particles with a uniform particle, to provide high yields and reproducible performance. Extracted plasmid is ready to use in many downstream applications, including sequencing, library construction, transcription, transfection.



● High yield: up to mg-level plasmid DNA
● High purity: equivalent to CsCl gradient centrifugation
● Suitable for high or low copy plasmids

Experimental overview

Typical results

Ordering Information

Cat.#    Description  Volume Yield Qty.
RS30-1 CommaPure™ Plasmid Maxiprep Columns 30 mL 300-600μg 20 Pcs/PK
RS30-2 CommaPure™ Plasmid Maxiprep Columns 30 mL 500-1000μg 20 Pcs/PK
RS300-22 CommaPure™ Plasmid Megaprep Columns 300 mL 5-10mg 10 Pcs/PK
004410-M Filtration Cartridge, 30 mL, with 2 frits and a plunger     50 Pcs/PK
004412-1 25 mL Paper filter     25 Pcs/PK

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