Plasmid Midiprep Columns

CommaXP® Plasmid Midiprep Columns are supplied with spin columns and collection tubes.The columns are based on silica membrane technology and provide fast and reliable extraction of high quality plasmid with a binding capacity of 100 μg (NP100) or 200 μg (HP200). Extracted plasmid is ready to use in many downstream applications, including restriction digestion, ligation and transformation, PCR, sequencing and library construction.



● Up to 100-200 μg high purity plasmid DNA
● Simple procedures and easy to operate
● Suitable for various downstream application

Experimental overview

Typical results

Ordering Information

Cat.#    Description  Volume Yield Qty.
NP100 CommaXP® Plasmid Midiprep

 15 mL, 4 mL
~100 μg 50 Pcs/PK 
HP200 CommaXP® High-yield Plasmid
Midiprep Columns

 15 mL, 4 mL
~200 μg 50 Pcs/PK 
MNP001-3    CommaXP® Plasmid Midiprep Kits (Spin Column)     10 Pcs/PK
Note: 400-800 μL elution volume and 30-50 mL bacteria culture are recommended for Plasmid Midiprep Columns.

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