Plasmid Miniprep Columns (Large-Scale)

CommaXP® Plasmid Miniprep Columns (Large-Scale) are supplied with spin columns and collection tubes, which are lagre-scale versions with a binding capacity of 80 μg. The columns are based on silica membrane technology and provide fast and reliable extraction of high quality plasmid. Extracted plasmid is ready to use in many downstream applications, including restriction digestion, ligation and transformation, PCR, sequencing and library construction.



● Large sample volume to improve experimental efficiency
● Simple procedures and easy to operate
● High yield: up to 80 μg high purity plasmid DNA

Experimental overview

Ordering Information

Cat.# Description Volume Yield Qty.
HP50 CommaXP® Plasmid Miniprep Columns,Large-Scale, Capless spin columns, White fixing rings 2mL,800μL ~80μg 500 Pcs/PK
HP50-A CommaXP® Plasmid Miniprep Columns, Large-Scale, Capped
spin columns, White fixing rings
2mL,800μL ~80μg 500 Pcs/PK


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