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Dissolution Filters

Dissolution filters have been widely used in pharmaceutical tablet dissolution test, also in instruments such as DNA synthesizer, HPLC system and medical dialyzer to filter contaminants. biocomma® dissolution filters are sintered from pure UHMW-PE with larger surface area and optimized flow rate. Dissolution filters provide superior resiliency for a good compression fit and a strong, durable construction. Additionally, our dissolution filters are chemically-resistant to withstand most acids and bases.



● Available in standard cannulas, disks or flexible custom configurations ●
No flashes/rag, to meet requirements of stringent appearance
● Reliable filtration performance


● Dissolution test
● Filtration of HPLC mobile phases
Cat.# Description Qty.
IFA064-388 Dissolution Filters,Irregular Cup-Shaped 1000 Pcs/PK
IFA070-465 Dissolution Filters, Cup-Shaped 1000 Pcs/PK
IFA075-172 Dissolution Filters, Cup-Shaped 1000 Pcs/PK
IFA080-210-X Dissolution Filters, Cup-Shaped 100 Pcs/PK

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