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Frits for SPPS Reactors

Solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), has been widely applied in pharmaceutical industry. In this method, the extension of peptide is proceeding on insoluble polystyrene resin support. biocomma® frits for solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) reactors are made from uniform and pure UHMW-PE. Optimized in purity, pore size, stability and chemical resistance, frits for SPPS reactors have proven to fit and function in various SPPS reactors. Furthermore, custom sizes can be ordered to meet your needs.


Ordering Information

Cat.# Diameter
    Pore Size
DSF090-25-20 9.0  2.5   20  1000 Pcs/PK
DSF090-25-80 9.0  2.5  80 1000 Pcs/PK
DSF130-25-20 9.0  2.5  20 1000 Pcs/PK
DSF130-25-80 9.0  2.5  80 1000 Pcs/PK

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